I would like to thank the friends in my life that encouraged me to start my own business. You know who you are :).

My special thanks to my family, especially Mom and Debbie. Thank you for sifting through the countless pictures, the endless conversations, and for your sage advice.

Special, special thanks to my husband Mark. Without you, this web site wouldn't exist. Your technical knowledge and expertise was invaluable and your patience was Saintly! You gave me the encouragement and the confidence I needed to take this to fruition.

To my daughter Jennifer, you have been my greatest supporter and my inspiration. You contributed your talents, expert advice and guided me through this process. You helped me immensely and I am so very proud of you.

And to Chelsea Gray, thanks for being the Director of Smiles! :)

This website is dedicated to Frank, the Monarch Butterfly.



Dreamweaver in Time