About My Products

I use vintage embellishments, such as rhinestones, ribbon, fabric, and buttons.  I have found many of these items in antique shops and my mother’s sewing box from the 60’s.  (Thanks Mom.)  I love to use tulle and netting, and most of the buttons, beads, and sequins are hand sewn.  I love working with natural featonehers such as ostrich and peacock.  My appliques are purchased in the finest fabric stores in my area, and my headbands are the best quality.  I only use fabric, satin, or leather headbands.  They will not pinch or hurt.  In some cases, I have added extra padding on the earpieces for total comfort.  Some of my designs are stationary on the headband, and others are movable, and removable.  The reason for this is that I want you to be happy with the placement on your head.  While some might want the design to the side of their head, others might want it in the middle.  The designs that are removable are multi-purpose.  These designs can worn as a hair clip, a pin on your jacket lapel, or it can be pinned to your favorite Sunday hat.

If you have something special in mind, I will work with you on colors and styles.  No occasion is out of the realm of possibilities.  My goal is to make you feel your absolute best with a hair accessory that was created just for you.

Thank you for visiting My Butterfly Boutique.  Please look around. I hope you enjoy the many different styles of hair accessories.  I certainly enjoy making them.



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